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ICRA Registered School Application

The ICRA registers schools and instructors that are interested in being recognized as an Industry course provider and agree to adhere to all ICRA policies, procedures and requirements. Completed applications to become a Registered School must be submitted 60 days prior to the ICRA Quarterly Board of Directors meeting for Board of Directors approval. An application and any supporting materials that are incomplete or unacceptable may be returned to the applicant for completion or correction. ICRA reserves the right to modify school requirements as needed.

For a limited time, the first year’s fee for Registered School Status is $150 (USD). Each registered school and registered instructor is required to renew their registration and pay the annual fee(s) each year.

After the application is accepted by the Board of Directors, ICRA staff will send the registered school the necessary information (cognitive assessment - written exam) for the development of a course manual and a description of the tasks that are included in a performance assessment (if available).

*If at any time, the administrator of the school changes, this application must be re-submitted.

Please use your state or district's two letter designation only. (i.e. California=CA, Texas=TX)

*You are a member of ICRA if you belong to one of the regional associations: CRA, MCRA, MSPCA, PACR, NYRCI, or SCRT.

Application fee is due immediately following the submission of your application form.

I/we agree to comply with all current and future revisions of the ICRA policies, procedures and requirements and with the decision and directions from the ICRA Registered Providers Committee. I/we will comply with the ICRA Policy and Rules for the Use of the ICRA Certification Marks and Logo as they currently exist and with any future revision to that policy. I have read the foregoing and assert under penalty of perjury that the application answers and information provided have been reviewed and are complete, true and correct, and that any supporting documentation has been reviewed and is complete, accurate and authentic. I understand and agree that ICRA Registered Schools and Instructors are independent entities completely and solely responsible for their own acts, errors and omissions.

ICRA Terms & Conditions

I certify that the above statements are true and agree to ICRA's Code of Conduct.

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Instructions on how to pay for your school registration will follow.

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