What is a Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment certifications are different than cognitive testing (e.g., IICRC certification exams) in that there is no written exam. Instead, workstations will be set up at Assessment Centers allowing each candidate to demonstrate their ability to perform representative tasks associated with their job classification. Performance Assessments demonstrate a person’s ability to perform the work instead of their ability to learn and remember facts.

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Why is there a Need for Performance Assessments?
Some Individuals find it easy to learn through a classroom presentation (cognitive learners). They can pass a written exam but, because they are new to the industry, lack the ability to perform the tasks associated with the course. While they are certified they are not capable. Others have difficulty learning in a classroom environment for various reasons, but are able to perform the tasks capably. They do not receive the recognition that they deserve.

Using performance assessments to evaluate workers solves problems with language and comprehension based upon audible or visual presentations. It allows those that learn by doing (kinesthetic learners) the opportunity to be recognized. For those that have no problem passing an exam, it helps to identify those tasks that they need to learn to perform even though they know the information.

Unlike other certifications, ICRA performance assessment certification will not require a specified training program prior to the candidate applying for assessment nor will there be a written or oral exam. However, ICRA strongly believes that courses such as those presented through IICRC, RIA and independent course providers would better prepare a candidate for a performance assessment. Candidates will be informed prior to assessment about the work practices that a candidate will be required to perform during the assessment via a Candidate Handbook. ICRA will provide a list of training optionsopen to the candidate in preparation.

Assessment sites will be identified and set up throughout the United States. Assessors are being interviewed and trained. Assessors will not be instructors and will only provide guidance on how to work through the assessment process. Candidates will receive immediate feedback on how they performed on each task and their overall assessment.

With Performance Assessment no candidate will fail. At each workstation the candidate will be objectively evaluated to determine at what level they are currently working. They will be rated as working at a Proficient, Capable or Entry Level. Candidates will also be given an overall rating. This allows for Candidates and employers to more accurately determine what further training is necessary. This saves time and money. Employers will be able to identify the right person for any particular job. Employees will know what is expected of them.

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