Training & Certification

The ICRA Comprehensive Certification Program includes 3 major components:

  • BASIC SKILLS (coming soon)
  • COGNITIVE ASSESSMENTS (written exams)


For Basic Skills programs the exam will be given online and graded at the end of the exam. If a candidate successfully passes the exam, a certificate can be downloaded immediately.


Performance Assessments are designed to allow a candidate for certification to demonstrate at what level they can perform specific skills. They are different than Cognitive testing in that there are no written exams. Instead, workstations are set up at Assessment Centers allowing the candidate(s) to demonstrate their ability to perform specific tasks associated with their job classification. Candidates do not pass or fail, but are assessed as working at a Proficient, Capable or Entry level.


ICRA Comprehensive CertificationCognitive Assessments are the same as written exams that are offered after classroom training. Exam results will contain more detail about what the student misses, and suggestions with regard to additional training or re-training will be provided. The exams will be processed quickly using an updated version of the software.

Training & Events

  • Training & Event Schedule
    Upcoming conferences & conventions, meetings & seminars, hands-on certification dates, webinars, and more.
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