Benefits for employers

The ICRA is working on a program that is designed to assist employers and their human resources departments. We hope to create a systematized classification of workers that works in conjunction with an evaluation program that allows you as an employer to better evaluate worker performance. Without this assessment you can only rely on what is told to you on an application. Previous employer recommendations are not always reliable. Employers might be reluctant to discuss work history even with a signed document from the applicant to release such information. How many times have you hired someone that looked good on paper only to find out that they are capable?

Performance Assessments will tell you exactly what an applicant is capable of doing on the job site.

The end result for you will be:


  • Right person for the task
  • Less problem solving
  • Higher production rates
  • Lower production costs


  • Employee Self Esteem
  • Clearer understanding of performance expectations
  • Clearer criteria for advancement
  • Improve goal setting


  • Reduce hiring inefficiency
  • Performance based advancement
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Less turnover

Once an employee is assessed, you will know exactly what training is necessary to make them proficient. As you can see from above, assessments can be used to take bias out of hiring, wage increases and advancement. In order for an employee to be qualified, simply require that they reach whatever level you specify in the performance assessment. The applicant’s last assessment results will be available to new employer at the applicant’s request.

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