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Assessors are industry professionals that are not instructors in the designation for which they act as Assessors. Neither are they directly or indirectly employed by a school that teaches the subject matter for the designation. They have been approved and vetted by ICRA and are compensated for their activities as an independent contractor. They have no affiliation with the Assessment Center hosts. Their function is to facilitate the smooth flow of activities during the assessment. They are not instructors and are not allowed to give instruction on work activities. In other words they are there to organize, observe and record candidate activities.

  1. Requirements for Approval
    1. Application. Fully complete and submit the required Assessor application to ICRA Headquarters within the time frames required in this policy, along with any other information requested by the ICRA. Applications must be “technically complete” by the submittal deadline, which means that all applicant requirements are completed, and all information, documents or materials required by policy have been submitted, by the deadline set forth in this policy.
    2. Documentation. Submit within the time frames required in this policy all required application documentation, any documents required in any Performance Assessment Descriptions (PAD) that applies to the type of Assessor approval sought, and any other documents requested by the ICRA, including but not limited to a signed Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement, Release of Liability Agreement and the Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct.
    3. Demonstrate Compliance. Demonstrate the ability to comply with all ICRA policies, procedures and requirements, including but not limited to this Policy for ICRA Approved Assessors, and any requirements set forth in any PAD that applies to the type of Assessor approval sought.
    4. Presentation. It is recommended that new Assessor applicants and Assessors adding designations be present at the Performance Assessment Board meeting (generally online) at which the application is considered, in order to address any comments, questions or issues that arise.
    5. Approval. Obtaining approval from the ICRA Board of Directors. The initial ICRA Assessor approval for any designation shall be for a one year period.
    6. Application Fees. Submit all required fees for approval as set forth on the ICRA Fee Schedule, incorporated herein by reference and available from ICRA Headquarters. Application fees and renewal fees are non-refundable and are subject to change without notice. This requirement may be modified or waived by the BOD for the initial Assessors approved for a new ICRA approved designation.
    7. School Affiliation. Assessor-applicants must not be affiliated with any School that teaches the designation subject matter.
    8. Required Certifications. Assessor-applicants must obtain a performance assessment in the applied for designation with a determination of “Proficient” or 90% grade or higher on file at headquarters. This requirement may be modified or waived by the BOD for the initial Assessors approved for a new ICRA approved designation.
    9. Instructional Training. Assessor-applicants must have attended and successfully completed an ICRA “Assessor Training Program”.
    10. Assessment Event Attendance. New Assessor-applicants must attend an Assessment Event for the designation that is being applied for as an observer. There will be no compensation paid to the Assessor-applicants for their attendance as an observer.
  2. Application Process
    1. Process Initiation. Upon receipt of a request for approval by an Assessor-applicant, ICRA Headquarters will send the Assessor-applicant an application and other required forms.
    2. Application Submittal. Applicants must complete and submit the required Assessor application to ICRA Headquarters within the required time frames, along with and any other information requested by the ICRA and any required application documentation and fees.All applications and supporting materials shall be submitted in Word or PDF and in an electronic format, (e.g., CD, DVD, memory stick, electronic attachment), along with one complete, signed, original hard copy of the application form. Hard copies of the supporting materials need not be submitted.

      ICRA Headquarters shall forward the application materials to the Performance Assessment Committee (PAC), and shall notify the Performance Assessment Board (PAB). Notification may take place via the email or other suitable format or media.

      Assessor-applicants are responsible for providing accurate and adequate documentation of their experience to the ICRA. Such documentation may include, but is not limited to: ICRA certificates or any other industry-related certificates and/or certifications, business licenses, dated and signed work orders, association membership certificates, and the like. Assessor-applicants currently teaching any subjects must inform the PAC and the PAB of which courses are being taught and in what format (e.g., classroom, webinar, DVD, or written material).

      Assessor applicants must submit a typed, properly documented Curriculum Vitae (CV) (i.e. resume). This CV must adequately document the background, education, work experience, and other information relevant to the applicant, and should include:

      1. Personal background information.
      2. Education.
      3. Public speaking or teaching credentials, including any previous teaching experience in the applied for subject area and other technical areas.
      4. Work history including job descriptions and dates.
      5. Performance review/assessment experience

      Applications and any supporting materials deemed incomplete or unacceptable by the Performance Assessment Committee may be returned to the applicant for further processing.

    3. Timing. Technically complete applications for Approved-Assessor status must be submitted no later than 90 days prior to a quarterly ICRA Performance Assessment Board meeting. This time frame will typically allow the Performance Assessment Committee the time required to review and investigate applications before making a recommendation to the ICRA Performance Assessment Board, which in turn makes a recommendation to the ICRA Board of Directors. However, the Performance Assessment Committee may at its discretion request additional time to review and process any application. This requirement may be modified or waived by the BOD for the initial Assessors approved for a new ICRA approved designation.
    4. Notification. ICRA Headquarters shall notify the Assessor applicant in writing about the decision of the ICRA Board of Directors no later than 15 days from the date of the decision.

Download Assessor Application


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