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  1. Application Process
    1. Candidate Responsibility prior to application. Candidates will be sent a copy of the Candidate Handbook for the desired designation and ensure that they are prepared for the assessment. No Candidate is required to attend any specified training course prior to the assessment. However, it is the Candidate’s responsibility to seek out and acquire the requisite knowledge and experience that will allow them to be assessed.
    2. Application Submittal. Candidates must complete and submit the required Candidate application to ICRA Headquarters within the required time frames, along with and any other information requested by the ICRA and any required application documentation and fees.All applications and supporting materials shall be submitted in Word or PDF and in an electronic format, (e.g., CD, DVD, memory stick, electronic attachment), along with one complete, signed, original hard copy of the application form. Hard copies of the supporting materials need not be submitted.
    3. Notices. Candidates will receive a Candidate Application Receipt notification letter followed by a Candidate Assessment Event Date Notification once the application has been processed and the Candidate has been assigned depending upon space availability.
    4. Candidate Expenses. Candidates are responsible for their own expenses relative to participating in the Assessment Event.
    5. Prompt Arrival. Candidates must promptly arrive at the Assessment Event. Assessments are performed in groups. Once the Assessment starts, no late arriving Candidate will be allowed to start. Since space is limited, there will not be any refunds or applying of the already paid fees to a later Assessment Event. Candidates will have to re-apply and pay the fee again.
    6. Signing In. Candidates will have to arrive early enough to sign in. Candidates will be required to show their Candidate Assessment Event Date Notification letter and a government issued identification. Candidates will want to be presentable for the photo ID.

Download Candidate Application

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