About icra

ICRA is an acronym for the International Cleaning & Restoration Association. It consists of several like-minded trade associations within the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry joining together to work towards the common goal of  improving service and education for their members. The concept of creating an organization like the ICRA has been discussed for quite some time, and is now becoming a reality. ICRA will create new opportunities and member benefits for you as an association member.

When was the ICRA created?
The ICRA was established in December 2011 by regional trade associations with the desire to share benefits, resources and knowledge.

Why was the ICRA formed?
Forming the ICRA will create a venue for these organizations and others to promote the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry goals mentioned above. Through the cooperative effort and shared work of all ICRA members, its existence will enhance each organization’s member benefits and education of the industry overall. Most of all, its formation gives us a unified voice in an industry that is currently fragmented. With that unified voice, ICRA can help to support and uniformly guide the inspection, cleaning and restoration community. As the old adage goes, “there is strength [and respect] in numbers.”

ICRA streamlines and promotes the efforts of cleaning and restoration associations, their collective membership, and other industry partners, by providing leadership, collaboration, educational programs and support/ benefit services that are vital to their business interests, growth, success, and profits.
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