Floods are a natural appearance in the world. All over the world there are countries plagued by flooding and disaster that need assistance.

Homes, businesses, and property are constantly at risk.

Here are the ICRAssociation we pride ourselves in providing the best level of service in helping you find certified companies that are able to deal with flood and water damage scenarios.

We hold all of the companies in our database and the ones that we train to the highest standard.


Why is water damage so dangerous, and why should it be addresses immediately?

Whenever a home is flooded or has water damage, it is important that the matter is addressed immediately. This is because if water damage is allowed to sit, within 24-48 hours dangerous mold can begin  to grow and spread throughout all the areas of the property that is affected by the water. After mold begins to grow it can start to release dangerous mold spores that fill the air. Once the mold spores fill the area it becomes a hazard for any person within the area as they start to breathe in the mold spores. Depending on the type of mold, it can start to cause serious respiratory and health issues for the persons who are breathing in the mold. This is why during the event of any type of water damage, you want to have a speicalized water damage restoration company come out to the property as soon as possible.

After the water damage restoration company has come out to the area then they will start the process of first removing the water from your home through an extraction and drying method using air movers and dehumidifiers.

Once the water has been fully extracted from the home the removal of any water afflicted areas begins. This means that any walls, flooring, cabinetry, or anything else that has sustained water damage needs to be removed.

Once everything has been removed and dried the company will bring in a third party to conduct and air quality test. The air quality test ensures that there is no longer any mold in the home and the air in the home is safe to breathe. If the air quality test comes back as negative then the source of the mold must be found and eliminated before the restoration process can begin


Restoration process

The restoration is typically handled by another company separate from the initial water damage company that came in perform your restoration service.

Once you have the restoration company of your choosing, they will now work on remodeling and bringing your home back to its pre-disaster state.

This means that if any cabinetry, flooring, carpets, drywall was removed, it will be their job to replace it. During this time if you were planning on doing any type of renovation, it might be a good idea to bring your ideas in now.